Build an ADU – the biggest challenges and how to overcome them

The owners of San Diego have probably heard about accessory dwelling units (Adu) – also called Flat Great, Following in-law suite or Duplex. An ADU is a second home on one batch. The structure must operate independently, but it will not have a separate address. Many owners plan to build an ADU because of the lack of affordable housing. San Diego is an expensive place to live. The median price of single-family homes has increased from 19.9% ​​to $ 875,000. The owners can cover the costs of a mortgage payment by completing the ADU rental income generated.

It is a win-win victory for everyone from the land on which the structure is built belongs to the owner. Expenses to create a second home are only for the system – and the lot is free.

Although ADU is now allowed in California, homeowners still face some obstacles with the construction process. Those seeking to build an ADU struggle with financing, building permits, etc.

How can you solve the biggest challenges of building an ADU?


1. Approval and Permitting

The biggest challenge you may encounter with the construction of an ADU is the approval and permit of the government. Many owners are fighting with this process because of time and complexity. In addition, they also believe that their skill imposes unnecessary restrictions during the process.

Even construction companies must navigate the requirements of various ministries. Ads have strict legal provisions that you must follow and your local municipality will examine their compliance. For example, each structure must maintain a certain distance from the line of ownership, border and system of another building. For San Diego, a minimum setback must be located 4 feet from the lateral and rear lines.

To ensure a smooth approval process, see if your property is eligible for the construction of an ADU. In San Diego, you can make sure your lot is by development standards. Here are some points to consider:

Property qualifications: You can build an ADU if it is zoned for a single-family or multifamily residence. However, it is better to check with the city before building on earth. Another factor is that ADU in San Diego must always be commendable and may not be sold separately from the main house.

Parking: Parking accommodation is another business where variables are based on zoning and location. Additional parking is usually not a requirement in San Diego. However, it depends on zoning.

Maximum height: Your county can limit the size of the new building in your area. Your ADU must meet the limits to receive a license.

2. Supply

The manufactured housing market is facing supply chain issues. In fact, 90% of construction companies indicate materials of materials for components such as plywood, framing, plumbing fixtures and other materials.

Construction managers can overcome this barrier by being flexible with their stock. You should get the product through the door and handle it accordingly. However, there must be a good balance between choosing good objects and avoiding certain traps. For example, you must consider the lives of products and product pricing.

In the construction sector, you must rely on on-site hardware if necessary. Being supplied and having readily available objects is crucial. However, the only way to get this is to plan far in advance. In this way, you can reduce delays and reduce costs.

3. Design

Another challenge The owners face is the design constraints. You could come against standards that completely stop the process.

Unlike a traditional renovation, ADUS are entirely new construction, requiring more architectural and engineering expertise. Here’s what you should search for this constraint does not embroil you:

Preapproved plans: The design plans for private architects and licensed engineers can accommodate various conditions. Once an applicant selects an approved plan, a member will review site factors for your property. You can find several plans that have already followed the approval process.

Setbacks: ADU Orders for San Diego Limit the maximum size at 1,200 square feet and can reach 850 square feet with Adus with more than one room.

Utility connections: ADUS will have access to the sewer and water service when connected to the mainline of the main residence. You must ensure that the design coordinates comply with the main sewer and water service.

4. Financing and Costs of Construction

Some owners can have the cost of building an ADU. In fact, some have problems related to obtaining funding and associating it as the biggest challenge of building one. The main price to build an ADU is about $ 150,000, $ 250 per square foot.

In addition, there are additional charges with an ADU, such as taxes, licenses, public services and upgrades. San Diego imposes several costs, including a review of the plan and license fees.

In addition, you will have a more extra charge depending on the size of the ADU. For example, you could pay 33 cents per square foot in addition to the examination of the plan and 43 cents per square foot for the permit.

There are many ways to get funding. The first obvious way is to pay money. However, you can also receive a low-interest rate building and renovation loan to finance your project.

Another option is to refinance your mortgage, which will provide you with a lump sum payment. You can then repay it over time with your monthly mortgage.

You can also have the opportunity to get a home equity loan or a home equity line. The equity loans at home will provide you with a fixed amount of money and a refund schedule. Similarly, a home equity line will be structured as a renewable line of credit and shorter repayment terms.

Some owners may have trouble getting traditional loans. Notified people will generally get a personal loan and consolidate it in their mortgage to obtain a better interest rate once the AAD is complete.

Overcome the Hurdles of an ADU

The construction of an ADU does not need to be a challenge. There are many ways to overcome the biggest issues you will encounter. Spend time seeking prescriptions and make sure you have a smooth process from the beginning.