This or That? How to Make Usual Renovation Design Decisions for Your Home

Taking the design of home renovation is very exciting and stressful at the same time. How did you decide on the perfect design for your home with so many available options?

Planning is very important to avoid common mistakes along the way, from carports and garages to skylights and bifold glass doors. What is your vision for improving your home? What stylistic elements do you like, and do they match other homes?

Knowing what meets the needs of your family and your family is the first step in making the right design choices.

Things to Consider When Renovating Your Home

Renovating your home is often an expensive, time-consuming effort. That’s why it’s very important to consider several factors before jumping into any design project. It will help if you ask yourself the following questions:

  • What lifestyle am I lead, and will this home improvement increase the functionality of my day?
  • Is this project suitable for the climate that I live in?
  • Does my income reflect the budget for this renovation design?
  • How do my family benefit from this upgrade?

After you think about these things, you can start the process of researching local contractors to help you start planning the design of your home renovation.


7 Remodeling Design Options to Choose From

Each home repair project has several pros and cons that determine how you should base your decision. Here are seven renovation design ideas that you need to choose for a successful renovation design.

1. Carport or Garage

You may have to decide between building a carport or garage. The average American drives a car for less than an hour a day, so it is very important to have a safe area to park your vehicle.

The garage offers better protection from than elements and is safer than carports, protecting your car from potential theft. Carports is an open structure with overhead that protects your vehicle from the weather.

How you choose between a garage or metal carport, in the end, depends on where you live, your budget, and your other needs, such as storing page equipment or other household items. One of the benefits of a carport is the fact that it cannot accumulate chaos, so it’s a great way to keep things neat.

A carport can cost as little as $ 700 for a single card slot when installing the attached garage can run more than $ 26,000, depending on the specifications. However, the garage tends to be subject to a positive return on investment (ROI) regarding the resale value.

2. Swimming Pool or Hot Tub

Is there something sweeter than the sauce in the pool on a hot summer day? How about relaxing in the hot tub in the middle of the winter? Either the option is a pleasure for homeowners who enjoy the waterside relaxation themselves or with guests.

However, you might have to make difficult decisions about climate and outdoor space. The homeowner in a warmer area, like Florida, might prefer the pool over a hot tub. However, it tends to be hotter throughout the year. Meanwhile, those who live in a typical four-season location can choose a hot tub for use throughout the year.

Likewise, the hot tub takes less of a backyard room and can be tucked into tight corners. While the pool and hot tub require treatment, the pool will need weekly cleaning, while the hot tub usually needs to be cleaned every few months.

3. Neutral Colors or Bright and Bold

The fresh paint layer does a lot for the home and is the best way to tie your personal style and creativity to your home. However, you might face a decision between neutral or bright and thick colours on your wall.

Painting is an easy repair if you make the colour choices that are wrong, but it can be troublesome and expensive if you need to repaint. On average, it costs between $ 1,200 and $ 3,900 to paint the interior of the house.

Certain colours can change the return value of your home if you want to sell your home immediately. According to Zillow, it is best to avoid very bright colours such as oranges, chalk green, purple and pink.

Instead, choose a neutral and understated feel that makes your home feel comfortable and comfortable, like white, white, beige, or grey. You can always paint an accent wall if you are determined to add pop colours or offset your neutral walls with colourful furniture or coatings.

4. Wall Cabinets or Open Shelving

Should you have a closet up or not? It’s a difficult decision to make. Many kitchens are trending shelves open in the closet, but storage is still important for homeowners.

In the 2022 Houzz Kitchen Trend report, 65% of homeowners replaced all cabinets in their kitchen, while 29% chose a partial increase. From it, 25% of homeowners added a closet.

Renovate your kitchen to change the upper closet or exchange them for an open shelf in the end to personal preference.

Open shelves offer a minimalist look that makes small kitchens feel wider. They are also a great way to display your unique set or decoration plate. However, they need cleaning and consistent organization.

Cabinets offer greater functionality and flexibility in terms of design. They also provide a lot of storage to hide excessive kitchen chaos and can be adjusted. If you can’t decide between the upper closet or open shelf, you can always include the wardrobe wall with a glass door.

5. Large Shower or Bathtub

Assuming you lack square or budget recording, you might need to choose between a luxurious bathroom and a bathtub to overhaul the bathroom.

The cost of the range is wide for each, too. The national average for bathtub installations can vary from $ 963.80 to $ 1,700.55 for labour and materials. On the other hand, a shower can range from $ 1,000 and $ 6,000 and sometimes up to $ 10,000 for a customized kiosk.

If you already have a bathtub and rarely use it, it might make more sense to get rid of it, increase your square recording and enjoy the facilities that have a large and luxurious shower kiosk.

However, let’s say you have small children or prefer spas occasionally soak at the end of a difficult day. Adding or keeping the bath can be your best choice. In this case, improve your bathroom aesthetics with a free-standing tub or clawfoot.

6. Skylights or Bifold Patio Doors

For a long time, Skylight is all anger. However, homeowners have found new ways to bring free nature over the past few years.

Skylight still has many benefits. For example, modern technology has increased their energy efficiency, providing excellent indoor-water ventilation, solar power operations, smart sensors, and natural light. The average cost for installing skylights is $ 2,000, although the price can increase depending on labour, accessibility, and roofing.

The bifold door that leads to the terrace becomes increasingly popular. They allow a lot of natural sunshine, are fun aesthetically and offer a sustainable outdoor life. They are also known as the doors accordion-style and usually run between $ 3,000 and $ 10,000.

7. Deck or Patio Addition

According to the 2021 International Casual Furniture (ICFA) survey, 78% of Americans increased their outdoor area. If you are one of the owners of a house that appreciates outdoor life, the decision of your renovation design can go down to the deck or terrace.

Both offer beautiful backgrounds and entertaining areas to accommodate family and friends. A deck can provide more visual appeal than a terrace if you have a view of water or mountains. On the other hand, if you are looking for greater backyard privacy, the terrace might be a way to go.

You can decide to enter the Pit Fire feature on your terrace for the cooling night. They are also usually cheaper than the deck because of the material used. Whatever, it’s a good idea to talk to contractors to determine what is most suitable for lifestyle, budget, and your extraordinary location.

Making the Best Design Decision for You

In the end, the choice of renovation design must reflect the vision you have for your home. This is not an easy decision, but employing experts and talking to other people who do a similar project can help guide you throughout the process of renovation.