Lawn Care 101: When do I have to fertilize my lawn?

Did you know that the Americans are a supergroup on their lawns? People end up enforcing fertilizers and hiring professional Lawn care companies. But if you ask the question “When should I fertilize my lawn?” We can help you.

In this guide, we will enter when and how many times you should look at the fertilization of your lawn.

Ready to learn to apply the fertilization of the lawn? Keep reading now.

When should you fertilize the lawn?

Consider fertilizing your lawn in the morning. In this way, the soil will have a chance to take nutrients and also enjoy the morning dew. In addition, the ground can enjoy cooler temperatures.

Do not apply fertilizer on a hot day. Instead, wait for time to cool. In addition, you can mow at any time after fertilizing the lawn. But if you use a liquid treatment, try waiting a few days.

Do you need to fertilize often?

Try not to take you with fertilization. A fertilizer is a tool to keep your lawn healthy and dense.

Surfacturation can occur if you are not careful. But if you do not use it responsibly, you can cause environmental problems.


What about timing?

You should not apply fertilizer before a hot day or an important rain. The rain will wash nutrients in fertilizer and will not absorb in your lawn. Try to remember until the weather is less rainy.

Are you planning to ventilate your lawn? You should lighten your property, and then complement fertilization.

The ventilation will create tiny holes in the ground and expose the root zone. The holes will leave in the water, the air and the fertilizer to the roots.

If you want successful lawn fertilization, rent an aerator. The aerators draw floor caps.

What about the heat season grass?

When you fertilize it depends on the kind of grass you have in your area. This would help if you spend time doing time fertilization so your grass does not hit the maximum growth stage.

Do you live in the south? Lawns tend to have hot season herbs. Fertilize your turf at the beginning of the summer or the end of spring before the grass begins to grow.

You can also add another fertilizer application at the end of the summer. Will your hot season grass sleep in winter? Make sure you do not fertilize after September.

The types of hot season herbs include Centipede, Zoysia, Bahia and Bermuda. Herbs tend to thrive in a region without frost.

What about fresh season herbs?

You should fertilize your fresh grass at the beginning of autumn. You can get fertilizers called “wintering fertilizers”.

Professionals such as Heartland Turf & Landscape Carer Fresh Season Herbs Benefit from a fertilizer application.

The breastfeeding of autumn will help green grass in the spring. For areas where fresh grass grows, try applying the fertilizer in November or October.

Fertilize my lawn

We hope this guide answered your question “When should I fertilize my lawn?” Make sure to determine what type of grass grows on your lawn. You can always talk to a professional Lawn Care business if you do not know.

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