Is the body of fatigue can cause health diseases

There are medical studies and observations that show the fact that the body of fatigue can cause erection problems in men. This is because the erection process itself. Ed is a lack of a company’s erection for a man who allows him to spend time in a session with a partner.

Erection occurs when there are several favorable factors. The mind must be relaxed, must be enough passion to cause erection and the body need to have energy for intense physical actions. Each interference in one of these factors can cause erectile dysfunction.

The good news is that erectile dysfunction of fatigue is often temporary and can be cured naturally by just calming the body and mind. Doctors prescribe generic levitra 60mg to cure erection weakness but fatigue caused by erectile weakness only need to rest.

Fatigue prevents body and mind coordination

The erection process occurs in mind. Your mind produces thoughts, which leads to the beginning of the erection process. The thought was aroused and sent neurotransmitters to the central nervous system. The central nervous system stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic area. The bloodstream in the male organs crashes into organs and causes its enlargement. Stimulation then creates an erection.

The desire and energy of the body help you do intense physical activity. Body fatigue means that you don’t want to be involved in an intense session. When there is no desire in the body, your mind will not respond to the signal from the body.

Even if you have the desire for a physical session, your body cannot function. If the body says you need to rest, you cannot force the body into intense physical activity. There may be some erections, but you cannot maintain an erection to complete the session.

Chronic fatigue syndrome behind ed

Every pain in some places in the body without medical reasons that clearly suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. The pain can be in the muscle, joints, it can be a little headache, shoulder pain or lack of energy to carry out simple physical activities leaving the session with a partner.

In some men sleeping is not enough to cure symptoms of chronic fatigue. This involves a complete medical examination of men, diets and nutritional levels. Iron deficiency, vitamin B complex and a lack of healthy diet can be the reason behind a feeling of constant energy deficiency. The feeling of fatigue can also be caused by viral infections, hormone problems or weak immune systems.

The study confirmed the link

Previously it was believed that there was no relationship between fatigue and erectile dysfunction. Now the study report from Taiwan confirmed that there was a relationship between chronic fatigue syndrome and erectile dysfunction.

Data from more than a thousand men with an average age of 50 confirmed the link. Men with chronic fatigue symptoms have twice the risk of developing erectile dysfunction compared to men without symptoms of fatigue. Men who have organic erectile dysfunction get a severe erection case.

Treatment option

The problem of small fatigue is cured with adequate sleep. Take a break both physically and mentally to return to action. Change your diet. Increase consumption of vitamin B complex to restore energy levels, libido and testosterone. Spinach, broccoli, brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, fish, eggs, lean meat and red meat, fruits such as avocados, will help you restore physical strength.

Complex vitamin B diet increases testosterone production, which discusses libido. It also helps you get energy for physical activities including sessions with partners.

Physical activity

Start some physical activity with simple stretching exercises. Perform basic yoga poses to activate the body’s muscles sleep. Yoga, breathing exercises and moderate physical exercise will restore physical strength. You will feel control over the body and mind.

Constant fatigue even after changes in the diet and lifestyle require medical attention. Medical consultation will allow you to know the underlying causes of health. It can be diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol formation in the arteries or neurological problems. Doctors can also prescribe sildenafil citrate 120 for quick assistance from erection problems. The underlying cause treatment is needed to get permanent healing.

Talk therapy

Talk therapy is for those who deal with emotional or psychological problems. It helps to find problems and solve it by changing behavior or thinking about this problem. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the basis of the therapy of conversation. Therapy is stored in privacy complete with one two people in the cabin.

So, don’t hesitate to exchange your mind and inner problems with professionals. Often therapy is for individuals, but if you get married and some marital problems are involved, your partner might be involved in the session.

The session forces you to change your negative thinking. The same problem that gives you previous mental turmoil, will no longer have the same negative impact. Your changing behavior will handle the same experience differently. Counseling session without medicine.


Yes, you might feel an erection problem, if you are tired. Erectile problems can be temporary or permanent, depending on the nature of the problem behind fatigue. If you are without sleep for a few days, then just sleeping is good enough to cure an erection problem.